L'arte guarda avanti.
15 settembre - 15 ottobre 2014


Regina Huebner


Codice: 14695

Categoria: Fotografia e Videoarte

Supporto: endless digitalvideo without sound, 1'41


Journey is a videowork about journeys we do.
Arriving and leaving. Overcoming distances. Being in movement. Going ahead. Returning. Seeking. Going trough. Finding. Walking.


Regina Hübner (Huebner) was born in Villach, Austria. She is a visual artist since more than 25 years, holding exhibitions and symposia in Europe and the USA.
"My creative path starts with observing the nature and living my life in relation to others. Questions alter in concepts, inspiring my ideas. If I find the visuality, it is like I have got the answer and I love to comunicate it."